Libra office 3.5 crash at lauch and solution on windows 7 64bit


Tutorial Change remote desktop connection port

Tutorial Change remote desktop connection port.doc


雅客 (水仙的别称)/茶花
幽客 (兰的别名
娇客 (芍药的别名)
仙客 (琼花的异名)
仙客 (桂的异名)
痴客 (月季花的别名)
才客 (酴花的谑称)
势客 (凌霄花的别名)
俗客 (李花的别名)
清客 (梅的别名)
时客 (木槿的别称)
素客 (丁香花的别名)
情客 (丁香的别名)
蜀客 (海棠的别名)
禅客 (栀子的别称)
寒客 (腊梅的异名)
狂客 (杨花的别称)
赏客 (牡丹的别名)
羽客 (凤仙花的别名)
静客 (莲花的别称)
水客 (菱花的别称)
忠客 (葵的别称)
寿客 (菊的异称)






solution for Lyx 2 installation Error

Error install from the bundle or standard alone with portable MikTex 2.9

After the installation, at the first time lauch Lyx, there is no MixTex package installation.
Normally, it will install the need MikTex files automatically.

solution to certificate verification failed for via update Equifax Secure Certificate Authority

Install fedora15 in VirtualBox with Gnome Shell Enabled

(1) Installation
Virtual Box 4.0.8 is need for Gnome 3 support !!!
without guest toolkit, the installation works on the fail_back mode And the turn on the 3D acceleration in “Setting | display” , install the guest toolkit, which depends on the kernel-devel yum install kernel-devel-
yum install gcc
Gnome Shell is auto Enabled after reboot, and resolution is auto adjusted too. auto mount the vb shared folder by adding one line in /etc/fstab

Make the system font bigger

(2) Configuration
turn off the system/terminal sound
Chinese support ibus-daemon and python-py
setup as system daemon : ibus

Tricks to Update Toshiba/Sony notebook ATI display driver

Tricks to Update Toshiba/Sony  notebook ATI display driver

The PDF file with figures can be downloaded via this link:

Trickes to update ATI display driver on Toshiba Sony Laptops

———————-text without figures ————————-

If you run directly ‘catalyst_mobility_64-bit_util’, you will get such error:

“ATI Catalyst Mobility cannot be downloaded due to incompatible hardware/software on your computer.

The version of your graphics adapter is not supported”.

Manually updating drive by point to the folder containing the ATI driver(79.8MB version)  also fails. The OS thinks the driver for VGA has been updated!


In device manager, the graphics adapter is shown as standard VGA adapter,

not ATI HD Radeon, The Notebook manufacturer may play a trick to disguise the device as NOT ATI GPU.

The ATI website is blocked by the notebook OS.

(1)    Solution one: easy and quick

download and install the package:


“dd”mean with display driver, which can install the display driver when install CCC

(2)    Solution two:   may not work for you

Problems with manually updating driver:

via leading the driver update program  to the folder containing the ATI driver(79.8MB version)

Have disk, then point to  package/Driver/W7*/*.inf

it  fails in my place. The OS thinks the driver for VGA has been updated!

Solution three:  last resort, take longer time

(1)    First download the 2011 April display driver

Not the 1.1 MB webinstaller , but the Individual download  79.8 MB

Best with :

(2)    Download the notebook display driver from the

Make sure you have uninstall the previous ATI driver first

Unpack the driver, the folder should contain following files and folders

All files above the ‘tinstall’ are from ATI display driver, 10.05 version. Copy all the files folders in the unpacked 11.04 driver to replaces all in this folder

(3)Then run the ‘tinstallwb’, instead of the ‘setup.exe’ from ATI which will not show you the option to install the ‘display driver’ option

ATI Display Driver    is shown as selectable

The display drive still shows  as older version 2010 May, but has been pointed to newer installer

(4)The installation takes 10 minutes to finish.

The screen resolution will NOT change when installing the driver.

There is a warning: see the install log


The display and 3D games seems fine.

The driver vision still shows as 10.05    8.712.2.1000

Not the latest  Catalyst™ 11.4 Update Driver (8.841)  for AMD APP SDK v2.4